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In a natural environment, rich in beautiful sounds and colours, the traditional guesthouse ELIA enables you to relax, unwind and rejuvenate.
Start the day with our lush buffet breakfast rich with home made pies and cakes, variety of healthy breads and paximadia, delicious biscuits and cereals, fresh fruits (many from our gardens) and all washed down with freshly squeezed orange juice. Guest are free to take their breakfast anywhere they wish in the gorgeous grounds, and for those who like their sleep, we will serve you when you wake up.

After a swim in the pool, which looks out over this fertile land and onwards to the spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea a walk around Elia is itself an experience. Wander around the ruins of a Venetian house, sit on the stone benches with their panoramic views or simply wandering through the olive groves and orchards which encircle the main building. A short walk from Elia is also the oldest living olive tree in the world, some 2,500 years old.

The surroundings are full of olive and fruit-bearing trees, green gardens and many paths ideal for walking in the tranquility and calmness that nature offers unsparingly. If this is not enough for you to relax, our therapists can restore your mental and physical balance with specialized programs.

And of course later on you can dine in the traditional little restaurant, or on the raised terrace with glorious views across to the Mediterranean sea and to the setting sun in the west.

Elia Restaurant

Our local Chef is renowned for his hearty dishes – many secrets recipes of his grandmother – and he uses only the finest local produced ingredients available to us – everything cooked fresh every day.

Lunch is an informal affair of light salads and snacks served at any time you would like it, or a picnic is prepared if you would prefer to follow the shepherd trails around the hotel and have lunch on the go. Dinner is a home cooked three course meal (though you can actually eat any course you like). Vegetarian menu is also available.

Elia Pool

Enjoy the pool, with the spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Elia Spa

ELIA Spa offers a range of holistic treatments and sessions carefully selected to match our natural ambience and fulfill your needs.

Starting with classical amenities such as Turkish steam bath, sauna or jacuzzi your experience will expand to a balancing body treatment with personally selected aromatherapy, with our experienced therapist.

The face and body therapies, the peelings and the vegetable masks aim to beauty and anti-ageing by reinforcing the cell metabolism, offering detoxification to the skin and confront with photo-ageing, thus effaces radical, aesthetic problems like wrinkles, skin spots as well as skin relaxation.

We use carefully selected ingredients in the spa to prepare totally cleansing and nurturing therapies: mineral salts, high quality essential oils, Cretan grown avocados, aloe vera and herbs. Our aim is to provide you the purest and most nourishing from local plants.

Custom made retreat programs are available and will be designed according to your personal needs and interests: relaxation-rejuvenation, detoxing, mental tranquility.

For any enquiries and bookings you are welcome to get in touch
with us.

The Turkish bath, the sauna, the Jacuzzi, the sea therapy and the baths with beneficial essential-oils as well as the healing qualities of the seaweed and the mud stimulate your senses and in combination with stimulating drinks, aroma therapy and different types of massage offer total relaxation and beauty.

The face and body therapies (cell-therapy, oxygen-therapy etc), the peelings and the vegetable masks aim to beauty and anti-ageing by reinforcing the cell metabolism, offering detoxification to the skin and confront with photo-ageing, thus effaces radical, aesthetic problems like wrinkles, skin spots as well as skin relaxation.

The shiatsu, Sotai, Yoga, Reiki and the other energy therapies achieve the body and mind balancing, confront with stress as well as with various problems like pains to the muscles, chronic fatigue etc.

Spa General Infromation

This information, in conjunction with the specialized advice of the therapists, will help you decide which services and facilities are best suited to your needs.

The practices of ancient Greeks and the traditions of the Orient, Finland and Japan have inspired modern baths, which are not only a form of therapy, but also a complete process of purification of body and mind. Baths are ideal for relieving stress, relaxing the muscles, eliminating toxins and improving blood circulation.

Instructions: You should not stay in the sauna or Turkish bath for more than 15 minutes. We recommend that you take a cold shower between therapies so that you can activate blood circulation and detoxify. You should drink plenty of water before and after using the sauna or the Turkish bath. People with high blood pressure or varicose veins and pregnant women should not use the sauna and the Turkish bath.

Immersed in the Jacuzzi, you will feel all muscular pain and tension go away, especially when combined with one of the following ingredients:
Milk: The ancient secret of Cleopatra for hydration and beauty.
Dead Sea salts: Therapeutic for muscles, joints and skin.
Aromatherapy: You can choose among essential oils for energy, unwinding, relaxation, detoxification etc.
Seaweed and ivy: Detoxifying and decongestive.

Sea water, sand, salt and seaweed have been used by coastal peoples for centuries as a basis for various treatments. Spas developed this traditional practice by offering these beneficial elements either in their pure form or processed and mixed with oils and other beauty ingredients (cress, ginger, lavender, crystal tincture etc.). In any event, these treasures, rich in minerals, salts, iodine, vitamins and trace elements, are absorbed by the deepest layers of the skin, offering nutrition, glow and health. It has also been proved that sea therapy helps to eliminate stress and minor forms of depression.

Peeling removes the skin’s dead cells and makes it more shiny and healthy using pure sea salt, sugar, cereals etc. Owing to their granules, these ingredients remove dead cells and boost blood circulation. Peeling may be combined with essential oils for additional beneficial effects.


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